Homehop Solar LED Lights For Home Garden And Balcony

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Homehop Solar LED lights is perfect for home garden and balcony. The Solar Light Lamp is waterproof and durable. It is made up of durable ABC acrylic material. Solar LED Lamp light can withstand rain, snow, heavy sunlight, and different weather conditions.

Being Solar light Solar LED Lamp does not require external energy or wiring.

it is envirnment and pocket friendly.

Homehop Solar LED Lights is easy to assemble and install. Installable with the help of screws, by mounting them on flat or edgy wall surface.

The solar light has two lightening modes:

  1. For daily use – warm white light mode
  2. For festive purposes – multicolor light mode

Both modes are easily switchable with the internal buttons.

Large solar Panel

Homehop Solar LED Lights has large solar panel of amorphous silicon. Solar street light large solar panel helps efficient sunlight tapping. Upto 20% sunlight is converted into electric energy.

Hassle-free solar LED lights

Solar LED lamp has auto On/Off switch, that works automatically, depending on light condition. Automatically starts when dark or night, and automatically switched-off during daytime.

Homehop Solar LED Light is wireless and battery free. It works without any need of external electricity. It is solar light that is simple to install and with solar motion sensors.

Waterproof Solor Outdoor Lamp

Solar light is waterproof and fit for outdoors and garden. Adaptable to rain, snow , and different weather conditions.

Homehop Solar LED lamp can be used for:

  • staircase lightening solar LED lamp
  • balcony decoration
  • solar LED lamp for home garden
  • As an emergency light
  • on outsite railing
  • terrace solar lights

Use the LED lamp at any place, where solar light, is available.

Homehop Solar LED Lights Features:

  • Envirnment and pocket friendly
  • self sustainable – solar powered solar LED lamp
  • energy savvy
  • outdoor solar LED lights
  • daily use and multicolor light modes
  • waterproof
  • long working time
  • highly efficient solar panels with built-in 600mAh Ni- MH rechargeable battery.
Homehop Solar LED Lights For Home Garden And Balcony
Homehop Solar LED Lights For Home Garden And Balcony
Rs. 449 Rs. 749
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