TOCOL Digital Writing Tablet eSlate drawing Board

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TOCOL Digital Writing Tablet eSlate is electronic LCD writing tablet. It is 8.5 inch lightweight 100g drawing pad with stylus.

Drawing pad is eLearning tool suitable for both boys and girls.

Writing tablet is very useful tool to have with you at home, it can be used anytime and anywhere. Adults can enjoy writing pad as a note pad. They can write to-do lists, shopping lists, or simply make reminder notes on it.

Kids use it to write letters, alphabets, count number, and to draw beautiful drawings.

Convenient and lightweight writing or drawing tablet

TOCOL Digital Writing Table is ultra thin, lightweight (100g), 8.5 inch, eSlate with erase and lock screen buttons. Quick erasing with just a press of button makes it a convenient and time saving writing and drawing tablet. Its lock screen, on the other hand, turns it into a useful notepad. Lock screen button helps to save the content on it. By unlocking screen again becomes available for writing or drawing.

A digital writing tablet – eSlate for everybody

Kids draw, write, sketch, or count numbers on the writing pad.

Adults enjoy it as a memo board, notepad, writing pad, or as a letter pad. They may use it to write to-do lists, shopping list, or simply daily reminder.

Attractive gift with hidden benefits- TOCOL Digital Writing Tablet for kids

Perfect gift for birthdays or thanksgiving. No need to mention, eSlate – digital writing and drawing pad – is perfect gift for a child. Its always a suitable gift for kids. A gift they would love to receive on any occasion.

Kids love to use digital writing tablet. eSlate is not just a writing pad to them. They can draw, doodle, sketch, learn letters, numbers, and tables with electronic writing pad. The electronic writting tablet is not just a tablet to them.

It is drawing board, writing pad, handwriting tablet, slate board, note pad, or educational learning toy. Its actual name depends on its use.

More useful time utilization

Digital Writing Tablet eSlate being stylish encourage kids to learn. Stylish electronic LCD writing tablet activates their creativity and imagination. They start using their time efficiently and effectively. They don’t just pass their time but start utilizing time productively.

Educational learning toy for child-parent interaction

Digital Writing Tablet eSlate is an educational learning tool for child-parent interaction. Parents use it to teach their child spelling, writing, and drawing. They can actively contribute and help children develop various skills.

Eco-friendly writing pad

It can write more than 100,000 times with single battery. Battery, on an avarage, has about six months of life. This ensures saving of trees and reducing the wastage of paper and chalk. Ensuring dust-free electronic paper-less experience with positive effects on environment.

Cost- Savvy Digital Writing Tablet

As it saves 100,000 of peices of paper by writing more than 100,000 times in single cycle. It reduces expenses on paper, pencil, and paper.

With its benefits and uses digital writing tablet is good choice for person of any age, be it a child, an adult, or an oldie.

TOCOL Digital Writing Tablet eSlate drawing Board
TOCOL Digital Writing Tablet eSlate drawing Board
Rs. 349 Rs. 1,999
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