Brand Conquer Transparent Toys Bump and Go Toys

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Brand Conquer Transparent Toys are attractive multicolor musical kids toys. Brand Conquer toys light up, play music, and move on their own. They are durable see-through toys with good sturdiness.

Brand Conquer Transparent Toys are Battery Powered Toys. Battery easily available in market.

Transparent Gear Toys in different shapes

Images Source: (Store: Brand Conquer)

Brand Conquer different toys are:

Transparent 3D Dolphine
Unique Dophine toy with Fins and Tails
Gear Train Engine Toy
Light Train engine shaped kids toy with rotating gears
Big Size Car
kids toy in car shape with multicolor visible gears
Gear Airplane Toy
Light Airplane Toy with 3D lightening
Gear Helicopter Toy
Remove protective cover of the caster before playing
Gear Off Road Vechicle Toy
SUV Zeep shaped toy, watch video to see transparent gear and lightening in action.

They have spectacular colorful gears. Visible gears combined with music gives spectacular view. Audio-visual effects together spread joy and excitement while playing. Attractive music and colors excites kids they immediately feel themselves associated with it.

Brand Conquer toys being transparent show inside gear system. Transparent gear mechanism with visible gears helps kid to understand machanical nature of toy. Kid toys not only amuse kids but also sharpens their observation skills. Audio visual effects of Brand Conquer toy keep babies happy and engaged.

These toys have bump and go action engine. Kids toy when come across a barrier they bump and automatically change their direction. These bump and go toys drives by their own without getting struck with such barrier. Brand Conquer kid toys lights up when hits a barrier and automatically changes direction.

Kid toys are made of high quality durable abs plastic. Brand Conquer transparent toys for babies safety have sleek design without visible edges on corners. They delight kids with multicolor lights and dynamic sound.

Brand Conquer Transparent Toys Bump and Go Toys
Brand Conquer Transparent Toys Bump and Go Toys
Rs. 299 Rs. 1,999


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