Milton elegant spin mop with microfibre cleaning

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Milton elegant spin mop is durable home cleaning tool. It has microfibre based cloth that ensure proper cleaning. Its handle can be exteded to adjust according to height of person using it.

It is easy to use and handle home cleaning spin mop. It has microfibre with superior absorbency of soap water. Spin mop 360 degree rotating handle ensure proper cleaning of house. Cleaning mop handle length enable its reach to all coners of room, including underneath surfaces.

Micro-fibre based cleaning

Milton elegant spin mop microfibre is non-abrasive and lint-free with superior water absorbency. Its high quality microfibre that works for long time. Provided with the pack are two microfibre cloths. One for instant use and another as a refill for future use.

This product does not require any external installation. Ready to use after receiving.

Big wheels and bucket handle

Milton elegant mop has wheels for easy portablity. It has flexible slide bucket handle for easy bucket lifting and sliding. Milton spin mop comes with extandable mop handle with 360 degree rotation capacity. Wheels along with long handle makes sure easy cleaning without bending or stressing your body.

Easy to use and clean

It is easy to use, store, and carry home cleaning tool. And being elegant spin mop also suitable for office cleaning. Milton Spin mop has removeable and washable wringer for its easy and proper cleaning. This ensures quick mopping due to smoother wringing process.

Spin mop cleans liquid, oil, dust, and becteria.

Features of Milton elegant spin mop

  • Easy and smooth cleaning
  • Removeable and washable wringer
  • Flexible bucket handle
  • Microfibre with superior absorbency
  • Flexible mop handle
  • 360 degree cleaning
  • Water outlet to remove dirty water
  • liquid dispensor
  • One year warranty

Spotzero Milton elegant spin mop provides complete cleaning solution. It is almost ideal for cleaning most surfaces. Being hygenic, lightweight, affordable, and durable spin mop is must have home cleaning tool for homes and offices.

Milton elegant spin mop with microfibre cleaning
Milton elegant spin mop with microfibre cleaning
Rs. 1,307 Rs. 2,399

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