Cocopeat Coco Block From Grow Your Own At Best Price

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Cocopeat, coir block, or coco brick from Grow Your own is available at best price here. This is 4.5kgs coco peat by dry weight. Use it to grow vegetables and flowers. To grow veggies like tomatoes, egg plants, cucumbers, and okra.

Grow Your Own, cocopeat is high quality but affordable coir block. It expends quickly when hydrated. It is re-usable as well as storeable.

Equally loved by professionals as well as by home gardeners.

About Cocopeat

Peat is partially decomposed organic matter. Smilarly, coco peat consists of pure coconut husk. Coco peat is organic by nature.

Now-a-days cocopeat or coir block are common in organic gardening, horticulture, floriculture, and for hydroponics. Coco brick is good to use as a soil-less medium.

Use coir block to prepare coco powder. Cocopeat can be used as a standalone substrate, or can be mixed with sand soil, compost, vermicompost, and fertilizers. It acts good as a standalone or as a mixed medium. It is a good medium to grow plants.

Coco powder is great medium to grow seeds of vegetables and flowers for transplantation. In hydroponic (soil-less) farming, cocopeat is one of the best alternatives over traditional soil.

You can use coco peat as a mulch. As a mulch, it improves soil moisture, soil temperature, moisture penetration, and prevents weed germination and growth.

All professionals and home gardeners love cocopeat farming

Both professionals and home gardeners prefer coco powder to grow plants. As it provides best substrate for indoor plants, outdoor plants, lawns, gardens, potting, and for greenhouse plants. They grow all types of plants with it, be it herbs, succulents, flowers, or vegetables.

Benefits of using cocopeat

# Use coco powder as a standalone medium to grow plants hydroponically. Or mixed with soil, compost, manure, and fertilizers to produce required medium.

# Cocopeat is lightweight, easy to handle, and reuseable material. Reuseable because it takes years to dissolve or decompose completely.

Coco brick is easy to store. In case you have excess of coir block, you can store it for future use.

# It improves soil water holding capacity. Enhanced water retention of soil ensures better moisture in plants. This makes plants healthy even during high summers. Coco peat prevents water deficiency in plants. Coco powder saves water.

# Cocopeat enhance nutrient adsorption and nutrients holding capacity of soil. This causes slow release of nutrients. Coco powder ensures long term nutrient supply. Plants gets nutrients during critical stages. It helps plants yields higher and produce more.

Coco peat when used with soil, coco powder improves its aeration. Aeration provides required oxygen to roots for root respiration. Proper soil aeration stimulate root growth and help them to better absorb nutrients.

# Efficient water & nutrient absorption and supply, reduces root competition for water, nutrients and space. This makes coco bricks fit for germinating seeds and produce seedlings. When seedling are ready they become available as a transplant.

Economic benefits

# Improved water, nutrients, and fertilizer absorption by plants reduces input costs. Home gardening or farming becomes cost savvy.

# Healthy plants with proper root growth reduce the risk of harsh weather, weeds, and pests. Fewer weeds and pests translates to lesser or no use of herbicides and pesticides.

# Better root absorption of water and nutrient make plants healthy. Reduced root competition allow higer cropping density.

Lesser stress, lower weeds, reduced pests problems, and better availbility of resources results into higher yields and productivity.

Enjoy! Home gardening or farming with cocopeat, coco powder, coco brick or coir block.

Cocopeat Coco Block From Grow Your Own At Best Price
Cocopeat Coco Block From Grow Your Own At Best Price
Rs. 379 Rs. 505


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