FTAFAT Kids Educational Toy For Creative Learning

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FTAFAT Kids Educational Toy is a good toy for kids above 2 years. Kids puzzle help educating kids and inculcating creativity in them. The baby toy has 100 pieces of building blocks. 92 pieces of interlocking figures and 8 pieces of tyres in 8 different colors.

Kids puzzle building blocks are made up of soft non-toxic plastic. Plastic used in the boy toy is high quality polyproylene soft plastic. Interlocking blocks FTAFAT kids educational toy are of different sizes and of different colors. Building block fits differently depending on its shape with different building block. Eight different colors let children produce different shapes and figures.

Using FTAFAT kids educational toy kids produce different shapes of birds, home, humanoid figures, wheels, and many more shapes. Different colors creates different mosaic of colors.

Analytical and Mathematical skill improvement

Kids while making different shapes learn to be creative. As kids tackle with different geomatrical shapes to create something new, their Geomatrical and Mathematical skills improve.

Attractive and playful learning by puzzle game

Building blocks of baby toy are colorful and attractive. Colorful educational toy attract child to engage with it without any efforts and in playful manner.

While playing and enjoying with their favourate fun toy, they learn to count and analyse different Geomatrical shapes. The process itself sharpens their imagination, intellectual, and analytical capacity.

Children becomes more creative and construtive. They are never short of ideas. Kids love to learn while having fun with educational toy. They become accustomed to easy and playful learning manners.

Kids Educational toy – A step towards indepentdent thinking

As kids learn to create something by themselves. They learn to build things by their own thinking and creativity. Kids learn to work things out by their own hands.

Puzzle based educational toy gives kids problem solving attitute. They enter into the realm of out of box thinking. Kids become more conifident and self dependent.

Strength and co-oridination improvement by Kids Educational Toy

The more kids engage with interlocking figures, the more they learn to co-oridinate things and events. Children often try to create same shapes repeatedly. To reproduce their own creations, they repeat same excercise several times. This helps in building their memory, rhythm and pattern recoginition, and critical and analytical thinking.

In short, educational toys in the puzzle based baby toy, like FTAFAT Kids Educational Toy, are ideal gift item for kids above 2 years.

FTAFAT Kids Educational Toy For Creative Learning
FTAFAT Kids Educational Toy For Creative Learning
₹299 ₹999

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