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ALPHABITA luggage bag is large capacity travel bag. It is foldable, scratch resistant, and waterproof bag. Good to carry clothes during travel and gym.

Being large capacity bag, it is good for travel and short trips. You can easily use it as a handbag or gym bag, as the bottom extension remain hidden with the zipper at the bottom.

ALPHABITA Bag perfect for travelling and gyms.

Waterproof fabric

It is waterproof nylon fabric, durable and lightweight carry bag. The waterproof fabric keeps large capacity travel bag dry. It keeps it dry even during rainy season. Its fabric works against sweat and rain. Nylon waterproof fabric keeps it dry. Prevent it from getting wet.

Separate dry and wet pockets of gym bag helps keeping it dry from inside.

Use ALPHABITA bag as travel bag, luggage bag, handbag, shopping bag, or simply as a spare bag.

It has seprate dry and wet pockets. Use dry pockets for toiletries and wet pockets for wet towels.

Expandable large capacity bag

Large capacity travel bag is luggage bag. Handbag is easy to carry, store, and transport. Carry bag to carry on shoulder or luggage bag with fixed belt design to attach it to luggage.

ALPHABITA luggage bag has hidden bottom extension. It helps you to keep items as per your need. If you like to carry few items keep bottom extension hidden, else expand extension and carry more items. This converts simple carry bag into large capacity travel bag.

Daily use carry bag

Use carry bag as short day trip bag in unexpanded form. Unexpanded travel bag. Perfect as a gym bag, sports bag, shopping bag, beach bag, or camping bag. Carry bag is perfect to carry personal items for gym, short trips, sports trips, or a day trip.

Use luggage bag as a long-distace travel bag in its expanded form. Carry personal items or keep it as a spare bag during long distance travels.

  • Waterproof and scratch resistant
  • Large capacity bag
  • Foldable and extandable
  • Multi-purpose bag
  • Available in several colors
  • Does not have many compartments
  • Shoulder strip
  • No Seperate pocket for laptop

Overall, bag is good at this price.

Get Large Capacity Waterproof Travel Bag at best offer price
Get Large Capacity Waterproof Travel Bag at best offer price
Rs. 689 Rs. 2,799
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