Realme Techlife 8.5 kg Washing Machine Best Price

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Realme Techlife 8.5 kg -RMSA855NNNDG- is semi-automatic washing machine. Large size top load,5-star BEE rating, anti-rust, air-dry-circulation, dust-free cleaning, rapid drying, and water resistant design are some of its best features.

Realme Techlife is available in 4 sizes

Four available Realme Techlife models are RMSA705NNNDW, RMSA755NNNDG, RMSA805NNNDW, RMSA855NNNDG based on size

SizeRealme 7kg
washing machine
Realme 7.5kg
washing machine
Realme 8kg
washing machine
Realme 8.5kg
washing machine
Deal Price₹7,990₹8,990₹10,390₹10,790
Original Price₹12,490₹13,990₹17,490₹18,990
Realme washing machine prices on 31 Aug 22

Energy efficient – electricity washing machine

Realme Techlife 8.5 is top load semi-automatic washing machine. It has 5 star BEE rating, meaning it is electricity efficient low energy consumption washing mashine. This helps saving electricity and cost cutting in long term. Its 1400 RPM spin speed, above this, ensures lower dry time.

Time Savvy – Realme Techlife 8.5 kg RMSA855NNNDG saves time

Realme washing machine comes with Air Dry Circulation means rapid drying of clothes. It’s fast and efficient 1400RPM spin speed helps quick drying of clothes. Washing machine takes only about 35 min to complete full wash cycle. All these saves time. So, Realme washing machine is time savvy.

Hard water based cleaning of clothes of Realme Techlife

Tough mode ensures stain free clothes with hard water and dirt free cleaning even during rainy season.

Rust-free and Corrosion-resitant washing machine

Highly durable plastic body for long-lasting performance. Realme Techlife has anti-rust and corrosion-resistant body. It has IPX4 water-resistant design. Design that protect its electric motor from getting wet. Realme Techlife is tested to endure high water pressure.

Washing machine comes with about 1.5m pipe to connect it to tap water. It has a buzzer that indicates end of wash cycle.

Exchange offer available for those who would like exchange.

Warranty — 2years comprehensive and 5years on wash motor.

Features of Realme Techlife 8.5kg – RMSA855NNNDG

Large size 8.5kg
BEE 5 Star rating for maximum energy saving
Hard water based cleaning mode
Wash large size blankets
Realme Techlife RMSA855NNNDG doesn’t require installation


  • 5 star rating
  • Hard water Cleaning
  • Water resistant design
  • Energy and time savvy
  • No inbuilt stabilizer
  • Not automatic – semi automatic washing machine
Realme Techlife 8.5 kg Washing Machine Best Price
Realme Techlife 8.5 kg Washing Machine Best Price
₹10,790 ₹18,990

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