ProteinX Diabetes Care Vanilla – ProteinX For Diabetes

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ProteinX Diabetes Care Vanilla is a protein for diabetic persons. Rich with high proteins, diaterary fibres, and nutrients. ProteinX for diabetic persons is low fat, no added sugar, and low GI of 17 protein. This proteinx has delicious vanilla flavour.

It is a beverage mix to meet the diatery fibre and nutrient requirement of adults. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, and immuno nutrients. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals, to support your immunity and to keep you active and healthy.

ProteinX Diabetes Care Vanilla has high amount of proteins, fibres, and nutrients. It has vitamins such as A, E, C, B1, B2, folic acid and minerals like #calcium, #phosphorous, and #iodine.

As this proteinX is for diabetic persons, it is not always available in market. Not only ProteinX Diabetes Care Vanilla is available on 1mg, but also has 26% discount.

ProteinX Diabetes Care Vanilla is protein for diabetic persons. It has low GI of 17. Low GI food is suitable for persons with diabetes.

GI here is Glycemic Index, GI is indexed in number from 0 to 100. Pure glucose has #GI of 100. It means, GI is an index that tell quantity and type of carbohydrates in food. Lower the Glycemic Index, better is food for diabetes. The lowGI of 17 ensures that food is digest and absorbed slowly. This in turn manage sugar levels.

High dietary fibre slows down the digestion of food and helps in managing blood sugar. It reduces chances of rapid rise in blood sugar levels.

ProteinX Diabetes Care helps in blood sugar management. As it has Low GI and high in dietary fibres.

Another benefit of high dietary fibre is it keeps you full for longer period of time. This helps avoid overeating. For the reason, you enjoy less hunger and benefits of weight control.


# Recommended dose is 25gms. 2-3 tablespoons.

# it should be mixed well in luke warm or cold milk before use

# It can be mixed with cornflakes, porridge, or curd.

Benefits of ProteinX Diabetes Care Vanilla

Blood sugar management – checks sugar level
Weight management – help avoid overeating
Strength and health – protein, vitamins, and minerals
Low fat and low GI food
No added sugar
Vegetarian drink with protein and dietary fibres.

ProteinX Diabetes Care Vanilla – ProteinX For Diabetes
ProteinX Diabetes Care Vanilla – ProteinX For Diabetes
₹259 ₹350
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